Service Solutions

Try before you buy (Let us test your pre-owned  console before you buy or sell)

Updates on Firmware

Game Updates

Complete System Clean

Main Board Clean

Disk Drive Clean

Worm Gear / Teflon Re Apply 

Optical Worm Gear / Teflon Re Apply

Loud System Fan

Worn Ram Thermal Pads

Worn Ribbon Cable (Scratching of Disks)

Problems and Firmware

Out of Warranty Service

Disk Drive Clean

Hardware Upgrade

Re Flow

Slow or Weak Eject

No Eject

No Disk Spin

Disk Scratching

Weak Disk Feed

Loud System Fan

Disk Read Errors

Drive Corrupt Errors

Update Loop or Errors



Power Related Issues

Auto Off Error

Black Screen Error

Slow Boot

No Video but Audio

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