Game Consoles are probably the most used electronic appliances in any home today. These devices are mostly used excessively, due to this,  problems and errors soon arise. It is never wise to purchase a second hand console during winter. Low temperatures during winter months commonly hide many crucial heat related errors, like overheating or “a too hot Console operation”.

Many clients prefer to test play consoles, but fail to actually push the console to it’s limits in respect of graphic rendering and background tasking. Accurate core temperature readings of a CPU/GPU and these days APU’s can only be measured with the correct laser probes. Most users do not know the boot to play screen ratio a good optic/lens take to load.

The model of said Console can also reveal known issues the new buyer might face in days or weeks to come. Many customers purchase a limited edition Console.

Limited editions is never a wise choice. Stick to the standard model.

Finally, has a qualified technician serviced the Console, or performed previous repairs?

Amongst many home repairs we have stumbled upon bent / worn ribbon cables. Removed or misplaced Ram chip thermal pads or improper cheap thermal paste that will not last a summer of Gaming. It is never wise to attempt repairs or service if you are not familiar with electronics or Console architecture.