Operation of Consoles

Extending Lifespan

Many consumers fail to realize that PlayStation, Xbox and even Nintendo Consoles need to operate in a well ventilated area. Wall units or shelves is hardly a good place to operate your Console. Some Consoles require lots of space above as the case with Xbox and well ventilated space at the back, in this case PlayStation.

Maintain your Console

Regular Service

Dust build up is a major cause of hardware failure or malfunction. Dusty Consoles operate at a higher temperature. Since a fan system is circulating air inside the console, small dust particles find their way usually to the lens or thermal compounds inside any Console. a Clean Console hardly ever fail.

Keep it Real


With many years experience, PROmaster pride themselves with uncanny knowledge. We don’t settle for less and know gamer’s want the best. We only repair with original branded parts, stocking a wide selection, minimizing waiting periods – cause we know, man live 2 enjoy machines!

International Exchange Rates

Don’t Delay

Most Console parts are ordered from overseas, making it difficult to keep a constant charging price for repairs.


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Owner / Founder

Mark Uys

Promaster Consoles® started repairing video game consoles in 1988 when Sega released it’s Genesis console, evolving into an esteemed tech service center in South Africa. We only repair with original branded parts. Our work carries a guarantee.